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  • Photo-Covers and blending Photography with Comic Books

    While many writers and artists will tell you that having an understanding of photography, cinematography and related subjects will go a long way when working in comic books– this is most directly seen in the case of ‘photo-covers’, which Drew University has lots and lots of. If you check our main timeline, you will see…

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  • Vampires and Postfeminism through the Youth in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    On March 10, 1997, Warner Brothers television network aired the first episode of the cult classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which merged together comedy, drama and horror elements all under the lens of an upbeat yet stubborn teen: Buffy Summers. Many “see the program as a shrewd way to reach a new generation of youth,…

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  • The Conan Gaze

    Stephen Wicks points out in Warriors and Wildmen: Men, Masculinity, and Gender, that the longest-standing embodiment of manhood comes in the form of the pre-historic hunter who hunts– likely the same prehistoric hunters who took on the role of ‘hunter-gatherers’ who first understood the use of fire, developed a deep and complex knowledge on plant…

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